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Thursday, February 05, 2004

War and Peace and Janet's Boob

I guess everything is old news now, but things are so absurd that they are worth remembering. First, a Norwegian MP decided to make a sick mockery of the Nobel Peace prize by nominating the war-mongering Bush and Blair. Fortunately the majority of Norwegians are not complete idiots, and the prize went to Jimmy Carter instead, who pretty much stands for everything that Bush is against. He was also against the ban on the word "evolution" from public schools in Georgia. Go Jimmy! take that, you right-wing bastards!

That was hardly news for superbowl fanaticos, of course. What's really offensive is not the systematic killing of innocent people in the middle east, not the overwhelming violence and gore on TV, but the fact that Janet Jackson showed her breast.

Here is Janet's breast. Take a good look at it.

What's the big fucking deal?

According to a CNN phone poll, 44% of Americans blame Janet Jackson for her boob exposure. Nevermind that it was Justin who ripped her clothes off.. It was her breast, and she is a woman, so it must be her fault. Oh, and she had a nipple ring.. so she must have wanted it too. Or better yet, by wearing those sexy clothes it's obvious that she was trying to make Justin rip her clothes off.. poor innocent Justin had no choice but to bear her breast.

It's all so clear now.