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Sunday, October 24, 2004

On the Pitbull Ban.

Pit bulls have recently been banned in Ontario. This is my response to all the protests that are being planned by local animal rights groups.

"Innocent puppies do not grow up to be aggressive. They are neglected, abused or taught to be aggressive."
These dogs are bred to be agressive which means it's in their genetic makeup. The same way that lions don't have to be taught to attack zebras.

"Pit Bulls do not attack even if not provoked, wherever you got this information from is incorrect. I played and bonded with many wonderful Pit Bulls of which some would make better house pets than many dogs that I've ever met."
actually most cases of pit bull attacks that i've ever heard were completely unprovoked. my news search showed this:

"Ruby Sharum and her granddaughter were putting away groceries Friday night when the dog growled and then lunged at Sharum" link

"The carrier was delivering mail on the porch of a residence when the dog burst through an unlatched screen door and attacked him," link

"While she was trying to open the door so she could leave the residence, (the dog) for some reason bit her in the legs numerous times." link

"A woman was walking her pit bull in the park when she removed the dog's leash, Gittens said. A mounted police sergeant called to the woman, telling her to put the dog's leash on, and it was then that the dog noticed the horse, according to Gittens. The pit bull attacked the horse, biting the animal's rear legs" link

and so on.

""we as people cannot and should not control and supress their nature to fit our needs and whims"

Although I am not stating that I am against nor for the muzzling or leashing of Pit Bulls, I wanted to state that what you have said makes sense, yet you still agree strongly in restraining a dog to open its mouth and run/play at its own free will....therefore attempting to "control and surpress their nature to fit our needs and whims". Which we both have already agreed is not the best solution."
I said that because you are expecting that some sort of behavioural modification will turn an aggressive animal into a good pet, and in my opinion the best solution is to not have that kind of pet. The ban is not, after all, just about muzzles, which are a temporary solution exactly because they don't want to put down every pit bull in the province. What I meant was that aggressiveness is in their nature and we can't expect to turn pitbulls into non-agressive animals just by training, because no matter how much people say it works, it is not guaranteed, since living beings are not machines that you can program. Think about the tiger that attacked Roy Horn of Sigfried and Roy. He was not provoked. Aggressiveness is in the tiger's nature.

"Puppies are not born bad, such as babies are not born bad. The environment plus the nurturer are the deciding factor in how the puppy or baby will make sense of its world. "
I never said they are bad. They are not bad. Being aggressive is not bad, it is natural for these dogs, it is just the way they are - it is neither good nor bad. It turns bad only because we put them in societies that are not meant for them. Having aggressive animals in human environments cannot work unless we severely supress their nature. The best solution is to not have this kind of animal.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Hippie is Evil part 2: the Hippiefication of Pop Culture.

Yoga - not so much the "Hindu spiritual exercise" as the new "in-thing" for middle-class mothers, replacing the 80's spandex-clad aerobics culture with SUV-driving semi-urbanites carrying yoga mats, complete with lululemon outfits and memorized mantras. From the counter culture's "pathway to awareness" to the new self-obsessed culture of the North American masses, portrayed in commercials and "women's magazines" almost as much as boobs, yoga has become the single most annoying trend of the decade. Your inner self is so fucking great...

Whole Foods Market and misconceptions about organic food - when a food is labelled organic, it means it's non-GMO and pesticide-free. The image that people have of "organic", however, is a magical type of food that is more nutritious, spiritually fulfulling, and bringing good karma. Caring about farmers and the environment is not part of the package. After all, if it's not better for you, who gives a shit. You don't see whole foods selling organic cotton clothing. That's because people forget that Whole Foods is just another massive chain American corporation that is just out to make money from the "Me"-culture.
You will find at Whole Foods: non-fair trade chocolate.
You will NOT find at Whole Foods: anything with trans-fats.

coming next: the evils of Waldorf schools.

Friday, October 01, 2004

The Death of the Female American Brain

I was so sure that the "Vote for Carrie Campaign" (of Sex and the City, of course) was a political satire on the mind-numbing apoliticizing properties of media directed towards women. Reading the site I thought 'this has got to be a joke', but then I realized that the site was actually hosted by TBS to promote Sex and the City. It's still a joke, not in the sense that I thought, but more like "Omigod that's funny because it's true and that's soooo me!" humour. Read it and weep.

Alternate sources mentioned that this page is actually encouraging women to vote. Um... how exactly? Maybe if they we'ren't aware that there was an election going on and now they do thanks to Carrie.

"The entire campaign is fun, interactive, supports the brand and is so Carrie!" - Diva Marketing

Do I not get the joke? Please tell me how this campaign could possibly be encouraging women to vote! Wishful thinking maybe?? According to TBS the campaign has nothing to do with encouraging women to vote, but encouraging women to watch the show. A quick google search will tell you that.

And then you wonder why 22 million single women don't vote.

As an addition, the following was actually said in an episode of Sex and the City (yes I do watch it sometimes):

"Since when have you been interested in politics?"
"Since always. It's a great way to meet men."
"I always vote on candidates based on their looks. Cute guys make great presidents."
"I'm dating a potential controller. The power thing turns me on."
"Why should we vote for him again?"
"I'm sleeping with him."
"Works for me."