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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Serious lack of logic, plus hipocrisy, ignorance.. it's not my fault I have nothing nice to say

Flipping channels today I noticed a talk show where the topic was teen sex, and they had parents, kids, and educators talking about how young kids 12-15 years old are having unprotected sex, and that leads to really high rates of STDs, cancer, and pregnancy. Then the host picks on this guy on the audience for distributing condoms in schools, what does he think he's doing, how can he live with himself, etc. et tous.

AH. Distributing condoms makes people have unprotected sex??? Now that's a bright conclusion. It should get an award. Better yet, an honourary degree.

Never mind that the U.S. is the developed country with the highest rates of all of the above, and the lowest amount AND lowest quality (as in giving information that's actually true) of sex ed, whose negative correlation with unprotected sex is as clear as day. But I guess that's the kind of logic posessed by people who think that making a human tower of naked, hooded prisoners is not torture because cheerleaders do it all the time.

Now on to the most blatant case of hipocrisy seen in years, taken from a 16 year old kid was allowed to shoot a rabbit and cook it for a living skills class. But instead, he bought it from a pet store. OH, The Horror! Now he's labeled an animal abuser. You can kill a bunny from the forest, but for heaven's sakes, not a bunny from a PET STORE!

I don't have any respect for people who kill bunnies for fun, but doesn't anyone else find this absolutely ridiculous? If you're going to eat meat, you must know that you're eating the same fucking thing that you buy at a pet store when you buy your furry love. Grr..

Though I can't just pick on this one case, because double standards seem to be the absolute norm in politics nowadays. Yet everyone seems to be blissfully oblivious.

Next week: my angry rant about creationism.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Is Your MP a Dickhead?

According to, bigots are mass-mailing MPs to vote against gay marriage. Believe me, that WORKS.

Click here to find out your MP's position on equal marriage by simply entering your postal code. Then please take 20 seconds of your time to write an email to him or her either thanking them for their support or telling them that they should support equal marriage. It takes not time at all, and it IS important, especially if your MP has an unstable position.

Remember that Canada always been ahead of certain other countries on equality issues such as anti-slavery and women's right to vote, which are taken for granted and universal nowadays. Time will bring equality. Resistance is futile!