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Monday, March 22, 2004

Don't Tell Me This Isn't Vile

Virgin Atlantic gave up on their plans to install the infamous "Kisses" urinal. And then the accusations that feminists are whiny cry-babies start pouring in. Apparently, the idea of a man urinating inside a woman's mouth is supposed to be "quirky and fun" - despite the fact that the designer claims that "The thought that this urinal only represents a man peeing in a womans mouth, never even occurred to me while making it". She must be the stupidest woman in the planet.

NOW's statement is that it's "It is a symbolic act of degrading and humiliating women". Of course it's degrading, and dehumanizing. It's like a racist joke. Obviously it's not goint to make people get up and join the KKK, but it systematically pushes the idea that it's ok to disrespect and violate a certain group of people's dignity. What would people say if they made a toilet in a women's public washroom look like a man's head? they'd say it's the work of a psychotic "angry lesbian feminist" and it wouldn't be allowed in a million years.

Give me a fucking break. This has nothing to do with lack of sense of humour. I enjoy toilet humour, as you can see, but everything has boundaries. This isn't just humour, this is hate humour. I actually quite like the idea of making my toilet look like my ex's head, but you see - it's because I hate him, not because I think it's "fun and quirky". Is this what we want, as a society, for men to feel towards women? (Like we don't already have enough of that)....

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Those Who Give Feminism a Bad Name

You know they are out there. Crazy, demented women who call themselves feminists but are an utter embarrassment to the movement - and I'm not talking the likes of Valerie Solanas (the woman who wrote the SCUM manifesto and shot Andy Warhol) - recently someone brought to my attention a certain Sandra Harding, who claims that Newton's Principia Mathematica is a 'rape manual', because "science is a male rape of female nature" [sic].

What. How this kind of nutcase could pass for a feminist is a mystery. The above quote is an anti-feminist statement if I've ever heard one. Is she saying that women aren't capable of understanding and appreciating science just because they are women? Is she saying that the whole field of science is an aggression towards feminine nature? Why? Because it's too rational, and all women are supposed to be irrational morons like her? I hope not.

The runner-up is Ms. Luce Irigaray, who once said that E=mc² is a 'sexed equation' because "it privileges the speed of light over other speeds that are vitally necessary to us". Now that is just daft. Apparently her reason has something to do with the fact that physics deals with things that protrude and become rigid rather than things that ooze fluids.

Monday, March 08, 2004

International Women's Day today. Just a reminder for us to think of all the women who fought for our rights, the women who were killed and tortured while doing so, and the women who are still being treated as subhuman today all around the world.

Also: join March for Women in Washington on April 25 and tell the world who your body belongs to. Join other women close to you at the Feminism meetup, Pro-choice meetup, or March for Women meetup.

PS. The button on the left and others can be found at Badrash.