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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hippie is Evil part 1: Utne Magazine Goes Downhill

Many of you probably know Utne magazine - it's one of the most popular "alternative" publications out there, and it's a sort of 'magazine of magazines' that compiles articles of more obscure publications and hands out awards and such. It used to be kinda cool, I even bought a subscription to it. But now it's hippie. And evil.

I don't mean this in the sense that hippies are evil, or that the "hippie movement" is bad, and I don't mean evil in the sense that they work for the devil or that they'r eup to no good. What I mean is that the concept of 'hippie', as well-intentioned as it is, is a pile of poo right on the head of human existence.

The last edition of Utne contained a few garbage-esque articles including "The Radical Middle: They're Pragmatic. They're Idealistic. And they're reshaping the future of AMerican politics." (They gotta be f'ing kidding me - Radical Middle?!?!??) and also "He Talks to Water", about this loon ('Dr.' Emoto) who says that water crystals are all pretty and symmetric when the water is exposed to pretty words like "love" and "thanks", and when he exposed the water to the word "war", the crystals produced an image that resembled a plane flying into the WTC. A few editions ago they also published an article saying how great Waldorf schools are (they're evil, I studied in one), which I'll get more into later.

That means less alternative, less political, more wishy-washy psychic crap, more "eat organic becuase it's good for your soul", more "let's buy $200 yoga outfits" mentality that seeps into pop culture like an infectious disease and almost makes me want to eat carb full, pesticide-rich, trans-fatty GMO potato chips. I don't actually want that.. but I really wish I did.

Part 2 coming soon.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Poop Gets You to the News First! has recently published an article about the implementation of Sharia law in Ontario, an obscene move that is now gaining public attention - the same news brought by yours truly on May 23!

Keep tuned! The world's worst shit - you'll read it here first!