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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Not Welcome Mr. Bush!

Despite the absolute lack of news about protests going on in Europe, with the American media instead opting to do what they do best i.e. blatantly lying, with headlines such as "Europe embraces Bush", there has actually been a lot of commotion and even a few websites (1, 2) condemning Bush's visit to Mainz.

Mainz is a smallish town in Germany close to Frankfurt, home of the Gutenberg Museum and my home for 2 of my teenage years. My german's deteriorated beyond shame since then so I didn't bother trying to translate the pages mentioned above, but here's what I hear from my remaining sources:

  • The people of Mainz are under house arrest while Bush is in town. In some areas people aren't even allowed to open their windows.
  • All phone lines to and from Mainz are down -- there is almost total communication isolation apart from the media.
  • All surgeries have been cancelled while bush is in town, and ambulance services have completely stopped.

Congratulations, Bushists. I hope that makes you happy.

In other news, the biggest bigot of all condems homosexual marriage as an "indoctrination of evil" threatening society. And may I add that he compared abortion to the Holocaust, which got a lot of Jews pissed off. Not to worry, 50 years from now they'll probably just throw in a quick apology for their shameful ways like they did for the Holocaust.

Meanwhile my creationism post is still pending, among other things. I should pray for an extra hour in the day.