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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Nice Things

It's a bit late news, but Canada says no to U.S. missile defense, and that's a good thing, as Martha would say, who by the way is out of prison, well on her way to becoming Americca's favourite ex-con.

While I am glad my contry is not out to destroy the world, I'm also equally glad it's not out to destroy the rights to remove clumps of cells from uteruses all over the world.

But enough of politics. On the quest to answer the age-old question, Do nice guys finish last?, this article comes with the most compelling answer: that's because they're not so nice after all. I couldn't have said it better -- read it and see!

In case you're reading this just because you're bored, check out BBC's Human Body & Mind interactive webpage, with tons of games and quizzes that are pretty damn cool, like the disgust sensitivity experiment and especially the Senses Challenge. But beware, it's addictive.